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Born Pauline Evadney Miriam Williams

Sista Miriam embraces the Divinity of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen.

The greatest thing is to know, Seek and thou shall find!


Sista Miriam is a sweet voiced singer, known for her clear diction, tone, clarity and range.

Diverse in practice, she is a talented songwriter, activist, teacher and radio presenter.

Her style of music is very much Reggae based, with influences of Jazz and Soul.


Sista Miriam's journey has also taken her into the world of theatre.

For eight years she was a performer and teacher of Caribbean folklore, with 'Ujamaa', an African and Caribbean, arts Theatre Company who were based in Hackney, East London.  

Tutorship was by Director Paa C Quaye and Co-director Ruth Nanaafua


Further adding strings to her bow, 'Mim' (as she is affectionally known), taught at The British Academy of New Music for eleven years, where she performed a number of roles, such as managing the Vocal Artiste program, Year tutor, tutor of Music Business, Contextual studies, Enterprise skills and Co-ordinator for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Sista Miriam is also a radio presenter, courtesy of Fuzzy Dee on on the Heartical Vibe Show, sharing music, events, information & edutainment.   

Fuzzy Dee’s immense skills as producer, engineer, DJ, musician and close family friend, continues to influence the creative works of Sista Miriam, resulting in the album, ‘Just Jammin’.




Sista Miriam is truly having a Sankofa experience, she is ‘going back, to be able to move forward’, with her long awaited album called           ‘Just Jammin’, an eclectic product, comprising of ten songs, resulting in a great listening and reading experience

These are a number of treasured recordings, which were made during the period of 1989 to 2006, yet STILL sounding refreshingly new!!!

Too good to be left on the shelf, these ‘Gems’ are featured on the limited edition album called ‘Just Jammin’.



Fuzzy Dee Records

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